11 Steps to Feng Shui for the Heart

Feng Shui is the Chinese method of how your environment affects your life in every aspect. I’ve always believed that everything emits an energy pattern, sometimes energizing and sometimes draining. There are ways of moving and shifting existing objects in your home and environment to boost your love life force.

This article will focus on the romantic and love aspect of your life. You will see how easy it is to create a positive love life by simply changing your living space.

There is nothing supernatural or occultist about Feng Shui, it is merely the belief that our physical surroundings affect us in every way. The way we arrange our surroundings also inadvertently affect the people around us, as well as our yards, and our animals. When we change, everything else changes too. Easy to say, easy to do.

The direct meaning of Feng Shui is, wind and water. These are the two most powerful elements of our survival. We need the wind or air to breathe and sustain our lives and we need water to survive. The core of these two most important areas conducive to our survival is called “Chi”. I talk about “Chi” in my Kelly Karate books. Chi means your life force, the pattern of energy you consistently put out, in sleep and when awake. Think of it as “The Force” in Star Wars, it is real even if its invisible to the human eye. This always goes back to the notion that what you think, you are. Clean up your thoughts of all the clutter and clean up your environment of all the unnecessary material items that are blocking good “chi” to come into your life. Clean up your front door of clutter to invite love into your home.

Since we’re going to focus on romance and love here, we must become aware of our current romantic state. Where are you romantically? Are you in a happy relationship? If so, write down the top five reasons why. If you are not happy, also write down the top five reasons why. If you have trouble doing this exercise objectively ask a good friend who knows how to keep confidences and see what they say they think the issues are in your romantic life.

Ask your friend for the truth, and truly listen without interrupting or making excuses for yourself or the person you are in a relationship with or want to be in relationship with. You can also ask your friend to be kind when telling you the truth. Brutal truth can sometimes be too harmful for the spirit and the spirit may shut off anything the other person says. Kindness, truthfulness and mutual respect are required when working with a friend who is telling you why they think your relationship status is the way it is.

Now, after the previous exercise, you should have written down what you think is the problem, if there is one, and also your friend’s comments. Ideas of how to remedy this may suddenly bubble up into your consciousness, this is great because it paves the way for you to easily create your ideal Feng Shui environment rather than fighting it or talking yourself out of the changes. Below I will list the top things to do in order to help facilitate a positive change in your relationship. If you are single, there are ways to change your living area in order to attract a mate.

Plants are always good in your home. You want vibrant, healthy plants. Place three or up to nine fresh green plants in your bedroom to liven things up in your sex life. The number of plants must always be odd numbers such as three, five, seven or nine. If you don’t have access to live plants then pretty fake ones are ok. Plants with pink flowers are even better because pink is the color of love and romance. Red is the color of passion and sex, orange the color of flirtation and attracting in a lover.
Do not have your bed positioned against the wall of the bathroom. This is because of the constant action of flushing water and bodily waste in a downward motion to end up who knows where. Your energy will become depleted and your love life will “go down the toilet” so to speak. If your bed is against the wall of the bathroom, please move the bed. If this is not possible, the cure is to place a large mirror behind your bed to keep that type of energy away from you.
Always keep the toilet lid shut. This keeps the energy of the water from leaking out into your living space. When a toilet lid is left open you may experience arguments, loss of love and also loss of money. Keep the lid shut, the drains closed when not in use and the bathroom door shut. A good way to keep the toilet “chi” in the bathroom is to also place mirrors on the outside of the bathroom door. I also place small circular mirrors that can be bought at the local hobby store straight above the toilet in order to make sure the loss energy stays in its place, the toilet and not in my bedroom or house.
For romance, use pink sheets. If your mate doesn’t like pink sheets, a good remedy is to have a pink blanket laying across the bed or on a chair near the bed. Also, on a nightstand have something pink such as a flower arrangement or a pink bowl. In my bedroom, I keep figurines of loving couples in various places in the bedroom. There are no pictures of war or fighting, or crashing waves, none of that. Only romantic, loving types of pictures.
Get rid of the TV. Keep the TV out of the bedroom. It sucks the life force out of you when you’re sleeping and it takes your attention away from your partner and his or hers away from you. I also like to advise people to keep computers out of the bedroom and newspapers. Anything negative needs to stay out of the bedroom.
If you have a King size bed, this is really not favorable for love because King size mattresses are made in two parts, which results in a break. The way to remedy this is to place a red sheet or a red piece of cloth the size of the mattress between the mattress and the box springs.
If you are single, use orange or peach colored sheets, orange colors throughout the bedroom and pictures of couples in loving embraces. Orange is the color for flirtations and strong attraction, it says, “Come here, I’m available.” Orange is also the color of vitality and luck with money.
If there are two doors in the bedroom, place a red colored tassel on the door knobs of each door to diffuse any “fighting” energy.
I advise to not have a ceiling fan directly above the bed because ceiling fans in motion can create strife with a couple. If you like ceiling fans, put them somewhere else in your house, just try to keep them out of the bedroom. Think about it,a ceiling fan is created by blades that “cut” through the air when moving. This is not something you want in your bedroom for romance. If you need a fan, use an upright one as far from the bed as possible that blows gently on you when sleeping.
Remove all clutter. All magazines, newspapers, junk, old food, wrappers, old water in half drank bottles, anything that creates clutter. Clutter sucks chi out of everyone, it even affects people in other places of the house. Get rid of it. The room must be light and airy, not dark , dusty and cluttered because that is how your love life will be. One thing I do also is I hang a small crystal from the ceiling close to the window, the crystal will absorb the warmth from the sun and the point will cause it to flow back into the bedroom. Make sure the crystal is clear.
To breathe new passion in a long term relationship, place the red sheet under the mattress, use pink or red sheets, even light colored ones. Put a pink bulb in the lamps, change the pictures to couples in passionate situations, play some romantic or sexy music. Light red candles while in the room and never argue in the bedroom.Take the argument outside. Place a mirror across from your bed. Also place wind chimes in your bedroom, they are appealing and invite in positive chi. Always think of your partner on a positive light and never criticize them. Give them back rubs or stroke their hair gently, while saying sweet nothings into their ears. Keep imagining you have an amazing relationship and you will.
Susan Barnes is the author of many books including, Love Magic, Write to Ignite and the Kelly Karate series. Susan is an intuitive counselor, certified in Reiki healing, and hypnotherapy. Susan teaches writing during weekend retreats.

This article was originally published on Mystic Living Today