A Smile Is All You Need

There are seven ways to attract love and stay within your budget.
And they are easy to do!

1. Smile! A smile disarms others and creates immediate rapport. Even if you aren’t feeling it on a particular day, do it anyway. If you aren’t happy, pretend to be! You’ll actually begin to feel happier when you smile. The added benefit is, it costs nothing and the sexiest thing to a man is a happy woman. Both women and men like people they feel they can make happy, if you have a warm smile on your face you’ll move mountains without the bill.

2. Stop all Unlovable Behaviors: No one like a crude woman or man. Leave the gutter talk in the gutter, and curb those unhealthy instincts like smoking and drinking. They’ll just leave you in a low vibratory state. When your energy is low, you’ll attract others with low energy. Who needs that? With a drink costing $7 to $8 or more in a bar you can soon go into debt with nothing to show for it except embarrassment and an expensive hangover. Think of what you can do with the money you’ll save if you stop buying alcohol and cigarettes? You can open up a savings account with all that extra cash! With more money in the bank from saving you’ll feel better about yourself and when you feel better about yourself you attract all kinds of great people!

3. No Whining! No matter what happens, your ex left you for the masseuse, you’re in a divorce battle of the century, you got laid off from work, no matter what, do not whine about it! I know it’s hard but keep the negative comments to yourself. If you need to complain, buy a notebook and write down your gripes instead of talking about them to others. When you go back and look at all the stuff you wrote down chances are you’ll be shocked at how low you could go. Pull yourself up and remember, we’re all in this together. When you look on the bright side, things will perk up and you will attract a perky mate. Nobody wants to be around a Debbie or a Don Downer.

4. Choose to be with Lovable People: Being around negative people can drag anyone down. Find new people, join a club, go to the local chamber of commerce to find clubs and dive in! Your goal is to meet at least 5 new people a week. And find happy people the ones who are laughing, smiling and having a good time in spite of the economic conditions. If you have friends who bitch and moan all the time, distance yourself from them now. Go bowling, go to a table tennis club, do anything to make new positive friends.

5. Trust in Love: Nobody can resist the power of love. Love costs nothing yet gives everything. If you believe in an expensive deep love, you become a magnet for just that. If you haven’t gotten faith in love it won’t have faith in you. I spoke to a woman who told me she had a “love/hate” relationship with love. Of course she wasn’t in a relationship, she said she wanted one but her actions said otherwise. And she complained constantly while speaking bitterly about men. There is no way this woman can attract a loving committed relationship until she begins to trust in love. We’ve all been hurt, all of us, nobody is immune to the pain of a break up. The key is to realize that if you had love once, you will again, and the next time it will be even better. Because we learn from our mistakes, in order to grow we have to make errors. That’s the beauty of being alive, embrace your mistakes, learn from them and let trust fill your wounds. Focus on loving others in your life and loving you, when you do that, love can’t resist you!

Copyright @ 2010 by Susan Barnes. All rights Reserved.

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Susan Barnes is a success coach, author of 8 books, and an international speaker about success and charisma. Susan has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows including, The Rachael Ray show. Susan has been featured on Playboy Sirius radio as a guest relationship advice expert. She can be personally reached via her website – Contact Susan.