Finding the 11 Secret Keys to Good Luck

So many people continue to ask me the secret to good luck. I have written many articles on the subject and have spoken on the subject of luck to numerous clubs.

The one thing I notice when someone asks me about luck is almost always the question, “How can I change my bad luck to good luck?” Or they ask some variation of the question. The problem is they have already told me why good luck continues to elude them. They have identified themselves as being unlucky. That is an underlying belief they have about themselves.

The fastest way to change your luck is to say to yourself, as many times during the day as possible, “I am lucky!” Keep saying it over and over. Take a walk and say different things such as, “I’m a lucky duck!” or “I have the Luck of the Irish!” or I’m a winner!” Say this when you walk, say it over and over again. Make up your own variation, or your own mantra.
The other thing I do is I visualize myself as lucky. I see a gold light surrounding me, this light shimmers, its in constant motion and it gets brighter or stays the same beautiful golden color.

In my family we also believed strongly in lucky charms or amulets. I usually wear a gold 4 leaf clover pin my mother gave to me, and I wear it to any event where I want extra special luck. I also wear a silver dime in my left show. Sounds strange but my Grandfather told me this when I was little and it stuck so I keep doing it even though that was years ago.

The other thing people are not doing is, they aren’t patient. Having good luck takes patience. When people start out saying the good luck mantra or wearing good luck charms, they expect to have good luck and win millions of dollars right away. The key is to take baby steps. Watch for the subtle signs that your luck is changing.

For example, I have been wanting a certain type of mirror for about a month, I wanted found one and it was over $1,000.00, well I didn’t want to pay that much for a mirror so I kept the mirror I wanted in my mind and kept looking, I found another one, it was $600.00, I still had a gut feeling I would find what I wanted for less money. Suddenly it occurred to me I forgot to fix the amount I wanted to pay in my mind along with the visualization.

A bell went off! I knew in my gut I had the answer. I pictured a price on the mirror in my mind, I visualized the mirror with a price tag of 19.99. Yes, I know that sounds ludicrous for a beautiful large gold mirror but I firmly believed that I would find the mirror I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. I stopped looking for the mirror and carried on my business as usual.

Yesterday, I drove by a store, a Salvation Army store to be exact and I had a feeling to go inside the store. I turned the car round, got a parking spot at the front ( yep, I do that all the time too) and walked into the store. Right in front of me, I saw a beautiful huge gold framed mirror sitting at the front of the door inside a shopping cart. The price tag on the mirror said, $14.99. It had been $19.99 but just went on sale a few minutes ago to $14.99! I rushed up to a clerk and asked her if someone was buying the mirror because it was in a cart, she answered no they just put it in a cart because they didn’t have anywhere else to put it. My eyes popped open, I grabbed the shopping cart with the mirror inside and bought it. Its beautiful, exactly as I pictured it in my mind and even less expensive than I had fixed in my mind.

Here are some fast and easy keys to know about having good luck:

Believe you are lucky! I can’t stress this enough. Say your good luck mantra until you believe it!
Never ever use the words, Bad luck again! In fact, consider it a curse word to say it.
Even if you still don’t feel lucky, fake it till you make it. Act like you are!
Hang out with lucky people. If the crowd you hang out with always have money problems or negative issues, get away from them and find new friends with happy attitudes!
Be patient. Patience is a virtue in the life of luck. When you first start out, look for the little things, like people suddenly being nice to you when they weren’t before, or someone holding the door open for you, or someone letting you in during rush hour. It starts little then it gets big and easier to do.
Stop complaining.
Stop whining.
If you want something, picture it in your mind. Picture the thing you want, along with the amount you want. Keep visualizing this until its firmly in your mind, then let it go out into the universe.
If you aren’t a visual, then go with a feeling, IF there’s something you want, feel in your gut that you will get it and you have it, then let the feeling go.
If you are better at creating conversations in your mind, here yourself asking for what you want, and dialogue with yourself that you have received it.
The most important part of all this, Pay attention to your inner feelings. Had I ignored the feeling to stop and go into the Salvation Army store I wouldn’t have received my mirror.
Good Luck! You’re a Winner! Now go out and grab your good fortune by the tail!
This article was originally published on Mystic Living Today