Healing with Writing

Writing can be a powerful way to get in touch with past memories and feelings. As a child I had a transcendent experience with a healer that you can read about on my website. I wanted to find a way to recreate that feeling and to reconnect with the healing properties that are within us all. I discovered writing as a way to do just that. Here are some writing exercises you can do to heal.

Take ten minutes, write down everything you fell that needs healing in your life. Once you've finished, imagine that everything you wrote down is healed. See yourself in your minds eye completely healed. Let it all fall away.
Then ask yourself these questions and write down the answers.
What is your outcome to your health?
What is the purpose for having perfect health?
What do you want healed?
Why do you want to be healed?
As you write, Here are some key distinctions to make:
1. Be relaxed.
2. Stop all worry.
3. Be an observer of your life. Float out of your body and see yourself. What did you notice?
4. Stop all talk about your problems, this brings energy into your problems and feeds them.
5. Let go of all anger, resentment, irritation and sadness towards others and toward yourself.
6. Know in your heart and soul it’s possible and okay to be healed.
Now, feel warmth pouring over you. Breath in healing and breath out your impurities.
Then, write without stopping.
Write the first thing that comes to you.
What has been healed?
How do you feel?
What do you need to continue in your path toward healing?
What actions do you need to to take?
What actions are you willing to take?
Repeat this exercise as often as needed until you feel healed.

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