How to Become Free from Attachment in 17 Simple Steps

This is a simple exercise that has been created to help guide you toward freedom from attachment.

You will need a journal, or some paper, a pen, your favorite music and a comfortable place to sit.

Sit down with your legs and arms uncrossed.
Breathe in and out slowly. Take deep even breaths.
Think of what you are attached to. Is it a person? An object? A feeling? A behavior?
Picture what you are attached to. Get a big clear picture of it.
While breathing deeply, feel the emotions tied to what you are attached too.
Hear the sounds the object makes. If it's a person, hear their voice, if a thing, hear any kind of sounds related to it.
What does it feel like? How do you feel about the thing you are attached to? How does it make you feel about yourself?
Ask out loud; " What is the truth of why I'm attached to you?"
Hear, feel or see the truth. Be patient. If an answer doesn't come ask again until an answer bubbles up from your subconscious.
Now see yourself float up out of your body and into what you are attached to. How do you imagine it feels about you?
Take the two images of how you see the object and of how you imagine it sees you and put the images together so that they are one.
Imagine the image that are now together as a big bright balloon. Picture your hand holding onto a string that is attached to the balloon.
Say, "I release you into the Universe with love."
See yourself letting go of the balloon. Watch the balloon float gently up into the sky.
Say, "I am reborn. I am free. The part of me that felt the need for attachment is released with love."
Open your journal. Write about everything you experienced during this exercise.
Write about how it feels to be free.