Interview with Timna Pilch, A Master Clairvoyant By Susan Barnes

Who else would be able to go through and to the “other side” to discover the secrets of your soul than Master Clairvoyant and Mystic, Timna Pilch?

Having been around psychics, healers, and mystics, some famous including, Uri Geller, Ingo Swan, and Jeanne Dixon to name a few, I learned as a child to discern the real clairvoyants from the fake ones.

Timna Pilch, is the real deal. With me and with most of her clients she has been 95% correct in every reading. This is almost unheard of in the psychic community. She is a cracker jack mystic, healer, communicator with ascended master Octave, medium, chaneller and spiritual teacher.

The main thing I’ve noticed about Timna is how humble she is about her gifts. She is brilliant and holds a BFA in Illustration from the Otis Arts Institute of Parsons School of Design. In her spare time she paints beautiful paintings, writes and illustrates fairy stories. She is a beautiful, warm, graceful soul. The instant you come into contact with her, you feel a deep calm settle over your spirit.

Timna calls herself a clairvoyant because she receives her information from the ascended master octave plane and her main guide is St. Germain. Miss Pilch explains that the psychic plane is where people who have gone into the light resonate. They have passed on and traveled to the other side which is the psychic plane. Ghosts are trapped in the third dimensional realm and the opening of the etheric plane. Timna says she should call herself an Intuitive Healer. She says she is, clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient.

In my own experience with Timna, I have asked her to channel my Mother who had passed on and I was blown away by how accurate she was. Timna knew things only my Mother would have known. If you have a question about someone’s motives, Timna can do that too. I always check with her about people I may go into business with before doing so.

Timna prefers to go to the Ascended Master Octave plane rather than the psychic one to receive information to help the querant heal on every level. She raises their vibrations and clears up old “Karmic” stuff that’s getting in the way of a querant’s evolvement.

I asked Timna a few questions about what she does.

Susan: “Let’s start off with what it is that you do for people?”

Timna: “I reveal what is hidden from the querent. I clarify and relay transformative information to others. I channel the highest possible frequency from the Ascended Master Octave. I locate and point out people’s strengths, I identify their purpose and guide them toward their highest good and miraculous potential. I teach them to realize their heart’s desires and how to manifest their dreams. In addition to channeling transformational information that facilitates transcendence of adversity. I am an energy worker and will often heal the fractures and chasms in people’s auras.”

Susan: “When did it occur to you that what you had was special? I imagine that at first it must have been confusing?”

Timna: “I have been an intuitive since birth. I remember lying in my bed at three years old and stretching out my hand to the other side of the bed and asking my mother: ‘Where is my husband? He be here…?’ This disturbed my mother a great deal. When I was 22 I received my first psychic reading and the reader told me that all visions, voices and thoughts I was having were gifts from the Universe and I was channeling sacred information for the purpose of being of service to humanity. Everything fell into place and I began my journey as an intuitive. I will always be grateful to that psychic for being such an effective teacher for me.

Susan: If a client comes to you with an issue and they are carrying a lot of anger in their unconscious, what do you do? How do you help them get rid of the anger to find their soul’s purpose?”

Timna: “I’m able to see their soul’s purpose through the anger. The anger can be healed through energy work. I channel archangel Michael when I work on anger and other destructive influences. I also do past life regressions which often gets to the root of the subconscious rage.”

Susan: “What about addiction issues? If a client comes to you with an issue but you also pickup they have an addiction issue, do you bring it up or not unless they ask you for help in this area? Are addictions Karmic? What is the purpose? For example, drug addictions, alcohol addictions, sex addiction, shopping addictions, all of them. Why do they occur in some people’s lives and how can you help them with getting rid of them?

Timna: “Addictions are karmic and I feel that it should be tread holistically not just with one healing modality but several. Because there are always several karmic sources of the addiction itself. It could be a combination of genetics, environment, past life, ancestral influences and so on. I am able to pinpoint why there is an attachment to the feeling bad and other triggers for the addiction and I can identify those triggers. I work closely with other healers on severe cases of addiction.

Susan: “Is it important to help the client shift their thought patterns in order to heal and to change? Do you help them do this?”

Timna: ” It is a necessary part of expanding one’s consciousness to transform destructive thought patterns and beliefs into constructive thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts create our reality. If you think positively, good will happen to you. If you have negative ideas and beliefs, bad things tend to happen to you. I clarify this for the client to work on identifying the destructive thought patterns. I teach the client to think positively and to let go of old thought patterns.

Susan: “Do you see, or feel auras?”

Timna: “Yes, I see and feel auras. However I use it as a confirmation tool to validate the messages I receive from the Ascended Master Plane.”

Susan: “Do strong emotions help or hinder a healing process?”

Timna: “I find that being detached from my own emotion enables me to help others effectively. I am an empath so I am able to feel the client’s emotions. However I don’t particularly read the emotional body or the mental body for that matter. I read the higher self of the individual. The higher self knows the past, present and future of the client and guidance and teachings from my own guides.”

Susan: “Were you a clairvoyant in a past life? Does this talent follow a person in other lives?”

Timna: “Yes, I was a mystic in some of my past lives. Not all of them. Being intuitive is a gift that returns because of Karma.”

Susan: What are parallel lives? Can you see these with clients?”

Timna: “If someone is living a counterpart life with their obvious incarnation, I would ordinarily see that, however, I usually don’t bring it up unless I’m asked about it. Some people feel disturbed about the possibility of living 2 or 3 lives at the same time.”

Susan: ” I know you are clairaudient as was my mother who was a medium. What other gifts do you have? Do you do readings with a person’s ring or photograph? I’ve also heard you can do readings with tea leaves! Reading tea leaves is an ancient divination form. And I have to ask, do you see ghosts?”

Timna: “I have the ability to read energy from an object or a photograph and I have the ability to see and communicate with ghosts. Ghosts are very low vibration entities so I generally don’t assist paranormal investigators. I also am a medium who communicates with ghosts and I see spirits all the time. I’ve learned to live with it. I can also read coffee grounds and tea leaves and palms, however, they are not necessary divination tools for me. I channel the ascended masters and some of the angelic beings too. I can also channel the higher self of the client and frequently do so.

Susan: “Thank-you so much for your time. It has been such an honor to know someone as special and is the real thing without an ego and truly wants to help people. How can people reach you for a reading?” “I highly recommend Timna for a reading, she is beyond amazing.”

Timna: Thank-you! My web site is, I can be reached for an appointment at 424-772-6448. I do phone consultations as well as in person ones.

Timna also speaks on Intuition and has a question and answer sessions at her seminars. She has appeared on several TV shows and is also a popular artist.

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