Manifest Money With Spirituality – Part 1

The early morning sunlight combined with the fresh air greeted me as I started my walk around the neighborhood. I happened to look down and to my amusement saw 2 crisp one dollar bills right in the center of the curb.

Nobody was around to claim it so I held it in my hand as I walked through the streets looking for the person who might have dropped it. After my walk, I went home and placed the money on the counter. An hour later, as I cleaned the house, I saw a bag of trash laying by the garage. Before throwing it out, I glanced inside and saw money sticking out, it was $12.00 in all.

My friends will tell you this happens to me all the time. And I somehow get free food given to me all the time too, and I have no clue about that unless I look like I need to eat.

This type of thing also occurs to me on a grand scale too, like the time I sat in my living room, meditating to my favorite green Crystal Journey Candle given to me by my friend, Gary King, lecturer of “The Power of Truth”. That morning, a thought crossed my mind, and that thought was, “I’m going to try to not make money today.”

Two hours later, in the mail, I received a check for $40,000 from an investment I’d made many years ago and forgotten about it.

Now, the funny thing is, I’m not the sort of person to wear designer duds, or buy the latest sports car, not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s just that I look at money slightly different from most people.

I’ll give you an example. I have a friend who works as a professional psychic, she’s good, and she should have a full schedule with clients. And not only does she not have a lot of clients, she’s also always broke. I asked her about it and she replied, “I always have just enough to get by every month.”

Think about that statement for a moment. You see, she creates her financial state because of her belief that she only has just enough to get by every month. One of my friends asked me what my belief about money is, and it’s very simple. I assume the Universe will always provide for me abundantly.

The key words are, assume, always and abundantly.

It doesn’t occur to me to say, I want money or I will be in abundance, because I know beyond a shadow of a doubt and with complete certainty that I have money, not for a month, or a year, even for this lifetime but always. That’s a long time isn’t it?

Like a never ending stream money flows into people’s lives constantly, it’s just that some people believe they live in a drought.

Money is an energy. It is not tangible. As you sit and read, billions and trillion of dollars are passing through your room and through you in the form of phone calls, electronic transmission and thoughts. You can’t see it because it’s an unseeable field of energy.

The key is to enter that field of energy of abundance.

I learned from Dr. Richard Bandler how to bring people to me with my energy, and with the same technique I taught myself how to draw in even more abundance.

Picture a giant glowing ball of pulsing, vibrating golden energy, like the sun, but bigger. Hear the sounds this ball makes. What does it sound like? Feel it’s power.

Now for a moment, think of a time when you wanted something and you got it! Feel the feelings of excitement. The rush, the joy you felt when what you wanted was yours.

Take that feeling and make it even more intense! More! That’s right, make it so huge you can hardly stand it.

Now feeling great, strong, excited, juiced up, see the ball in front of you. This ball of golden energy with sparkling emerald green lights throughout has words flashing across it’s surface, see the words and say them out loud:

I live in abundance.
I am rich in money, love, passion and health!
You may suddenly see a zone around the ball, a dark zone, it looks like pure empty space when you gaze into it. Step to the edge of the empty zone. Look at it. It makes no sound. It has no feelings.

Look up at the abundance ball, feel it beckoning to you. Feel the pull. Can you feel it? Take a deep breath. Step into the empty zone.

Hold your arms open wide.

Pull the abundance ball to you.
That’s right. You created it, it belongs to you, bring it to you!

Breathe it in.

Feel it as it rolls over to you and envelopes you with the energy of pure abundance. Feel it as it fills you up.

See it inside your body. Spin it with your energy. Spin it forward, spin it backward.

Look down, where’s the empty zone? Where did the fear go?

“I assume the universe will always provide for me abundantly.”

What’s your belief about abundance now?

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