Manifest Money with Spirituality – Part II

Welcome to Part II of a two-part “Manifest Money with Spirituality” article series: If you haven’t yet, be sure to see Part I of “Manifest Money with Spirituality” by Susan Barnes and continue with the following:

Ever wonder how can it be that you practice the “Law of Attraction”, do all the right things, say your affirmations and still have money problems?

The reason isn’t fear like most people think. It is GUILT!

Think about it. Go to the root of the issue. If you honestly ask yourself, “What is stopping me from having the abundance that God wants me to have?” What bubbles up? What answer do you get? Most of the time people get the answer, fear.

Fear of what? Fear of success? Fear of failure?

Ask yourself again, “What is the root cause of me choosing to not live in abundance?”

Go deep inside. Ask, stop fooling around. Your subconscious is your biggest helper. It wants you to live in peace, happiness, abundance, bliss and wealth!

Your subconscious is you! You are God’s creation. Do you think God wants you to suffer? Really, think about it? NO, of course not!

Guilt is the number one cause of the lack of money in our lives.

Where did it come from? This guilty feeling? We heard it in the womb, we heard as children growing up, we hear it all the time around us in the news. The most common statement I hear from clients is, the reason they have money issues is because they feel deep down that to be spiritual is to be poor. How crazy is that?

To be spiritual is to be plugged into God! Straight into His charger! God’s charger is ON all the time. It never stops. It’s always flowing, waiting for us to simply plug our charger into his socket!


Visualize yourself plugging in your energy cord into God’s socket.
Visualize the powerful flow of energy gushing into you! That is the energy of pure love, pure abundance!
Feel it flowing into your body, into your soul, into your brain!
Feel this energy reprogramming your brain’s way of thinking about money.
Feel it reinventing your old beliefs and changing them into new beliefs that serve you and your loved one way better.
I want my children to do well and prosper and I’m just one person.
How do you think God feels about the billions of people on this planet?

He has so much love for you, he knows every single hair on your head, he sees what you go through and he wants you to turn your life around and to prosper!

When you are not in the flow of wealth and you complain about it all the time, you are really in the sewer of selfishness. Get out of that sewer now!

Climb out!
Wash yourself off!
Watch your words!
The Five (5) Tips To Spiritual Wealth:

Cut the guilt cord now. See it, cut it with imaginary scissors.
Plug your cord into God’s awesome energy socket right now! Plug it in now!
Stop complaining about not having money or not having anything. If you want to complain, bite your tongue or if you do, say, “I take back those words, I am living in abundance now!” And be there, see yourself as wealthy and happy, as if it were happening now! What the mind can conceive it can achieve!
No more pity parties! IF you happen to be broke right now, go out and get a job. ANY job! Get yourself out there where there are people. You will find and you will meet someone who can help you get a better job or offer you support for an idea. Just get out of the house, look nice, clean up, smile, say positive words, be happy, stop all addictions. Network at every free function you can! Go to a church, temple or a spiritual place of your choice so you can meet people who can help you! Be grateful for what you have even if its just a pen or a nickel, be grateful. The Universe loves gratitude and a good outlook!
Go to the library and read all the books you can on wealth. T. Harvey Ecker has some great books on wealth. Suze Orman is the best money coach out there, read all her books! Find a bookkeeper who can help you, there are free services who will help. Call the Chamber of Commerce, ask for financial groups and GO,GO, GO!!

“Like attracts like!” No more hanging around people who complain, have issues, are cruel to others and who won’t take responsibility for their actions and words.

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Susan Barnes is the author of nine (9) books. She is also an intuitive spiritual reader, a coach and an international speaker about success and charisma. Susan has appeared on numerous radio and tv shows including, The Rachael Ray Show. Susan has been featured on Playboy Sirius radio as a guest relationship advice expert.

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