My Appearance on Marvelous Mondays

Marvelous Mondays is a great radio show that is hosted by two great guys named Harry and Phil. They try to bring a little light to the gloom that is too often present in our world. They try to proved the best and most inpiring news stories to internet radio.

I think Harry and Phil put it best in their own words:

"Our mission is to bring ONLY the Best of the Most Inspiring Good News to the Internet Air Waves each and every Monday night.

It is important to each of us to fulfill this weekly pledge. The world is lit up by Good News.

It is humanity's BEST reflection...The best way to see ourselves and our marvelous possibilities as beings, citizens, and agents for positive change."

Here is the link to the show I did with them back in April. Give it a listen and look at their other recordings.

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