To raise one’s vibrations it occurred to me that I had to start eating healthy. I ate junk food and fast food because I’m always so busy. I seemed stuck in manifesting what I wanted. I could manifest most things but there have been other things such as spiritual enlightenment, continuous joy and getting clear on situations and people I was having trouble getting clear on. Suddenly it came to me in a dream, in the dream I dreamt I was eating muddy worms and gross bugs and when I looked across the table I could see people dressed shabbily with angry faces and sadness all around them. They were eating the horrible food too. When I woke up from that dream it hit me, I wasn’t taking care of my body, I was taking in bad fuel....

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Feng Shui is the Chinese method of how your environment affects your life in every aspect. I’ve always believed that everything emits an energy pattern, sometimes energizing and sometimes draining. There are ways of moving and shifting existing objects in your home and environment to boost your love life force.

This article will focus on the romantic and love aspect of your life. You will see how easy it is to create a positive love life by simply changing your living space.

There is nothing supernatural or occultist about Feng Shui, it is merely the belief that our physical surroundings affect us in every way. The way we arrange our surroundings also inadvertently affect the people around us, as well as our yards, and our animals....

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There are seven ways to attract love and stay within your budget.
And they are easy to do!

1. Smile! A smile disarms others and creates immediate rapport. Even if you aren’t feeling it on a particular day, do it anyway. If you aren’t happy, pretend to be! You’ll actually begin to feel happier when you smile. The added benefit is, it costs nothing and the sexiest thing to a man is a happy woman. Both women and men like people they feel they can make happy, if you have a warm smile on your face you’ll move mountains without the bill.

2. Stop all Unlovable Behaviors: No one like a crude woman or man. Leave the gutter talk in the gutter, and curb those unhealthy instincts like smoking and drinking. They’ll just l...

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Welcome to Part II of a two-part “Manifest Money with Spirituality” article series: If you haven’t yet, be sure to see Part I of “Manifest Money with Spirituality” by Susan Barnes and continue with the following:

Ever wonder how can it be that you practice the “Law of Attraction”, do all the right things, say your affirmations and still have money problems?

The reason isn’t fear like most people think. It is GUILT!

Think about it. Go to the root of the issue. If you honestly ask yourself, “What is stopping me from having the abundance that God wants me to have?” What bubbles up? What answer do you get? Most of the time people get the answer, fear.

Fear of what? Fear of success? ...

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Since we live in a society that favors living in abundance over our happiness I’ll start with wealth first.

We’re one of the wealthiest nations on Earth and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to want things, it’s fine to work hard to get things it’s even ok to win things. I’ve seen so many people especially in this economy in a down state of mind. People seem to have given up, a type of lethargy has seeped into the general consciousness. But I have heard people say, “If I hear one more person tell me to think positive or to practice the law of attraction I’m going to scream.” I’ve asked several of these people why, what’s the deal with not liking to be positive...

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The early morning sunlight combined with the fresh air greeted me as I started my walk around the neighborhood. I happened to look down and to my amusement saw 2 crisp one dollar bills right in the center of the curb.

Nobody was around to claim it so I held it in my hand as I walked through the streets looking for the person who might have dropped it. After my walk, I went home and placed the money on the counter. An hour later, as I cleaned the house, I saw a bag of trash laying by the garage. Before throwing it out, I glanced inside and saw money sticking out, it was $12.00 in all.

My friends will tell you this happens to me all the time. And I somehow get free food given to me all the time too, and I have no clue about that unless I l...

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Believe it or not, your soul mate is here. You can make it happen. All it takes is a little energetic housecleaning and a dose of charisma.

You have the tools to be the most charismatic person in the room. You don't have to be the most talkative or the best looking person around. Because when your energetic attraction field is turned on, you'll stand out to other spiritually attuned people looking for someone like you.

Energy flows to people who are plugged in to its vibrations. People who know how to work with their energy attract the right people to date and ultimately find their life partner. To tap into the wave of attraction energy, I've listed seven easy steps to guide you successfully along the path of spiritual dating.

1. What Ty...

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I’ve never given much thought to good luck or bad luck until recently when I was going to the mall on a crowded Saturday with a friend.

The crisp bright day gave me a feeling of happiness because Spring was around the corner. No more ice storms. And that thought became and replaced with another, “There’s nothing more beautiful than than snow on the ground and ice covered trees sparkling in the moonlight.” Mind drifted off for a moment until my friend said, “Just park at the end of the parking lot.” She pointed to a sea of cars far away from the mall.

I looked at her like she was an alien. “Why on Earth would I park so far away?” I asked.

“Because you’re never going to get a good...

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Every day you are faced with options that could change your life. Some options, or opportunities appear to be as small as a seedling while others seem to be as grand as a Mountain.

You sift through your programming, beliefs and projections then react. Or you do nothing. What you do or not do depends on your habitual patterns. These patterns are set in place by your unconscious mind at various stages of your development.

You sometimes have the same excuses you’ve grown comfortable with and at other times you think of new excuses. When examined objectively you can see that the “new excuse” really has the same essence as all of your other excuses. It’s their fault, not yours, is a common theme.

What an excuse when ex...

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I've been giving psychic readings for over 20 years and can help you get the most for your money from a reading.

Here are nine tips.

Choose someone who has experience. If you want a good reading, I like to recommend going to someone who knows what they're doing. If the psychic is online, check out their experience level. How long have they been giving readings? Do they have any kind of special training? Are they associated with an ethical community?What type of reading do you want? A lot of psychics use tarot cards, some use a crystal ball, or astrology. There are many intutives who can just start reading your energy without using a divination tool. Do you want to talk with a psychic? or do you want to connect with a loved one who has pa...

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