10 Ways To Make Fast Cash Fast

Yesterday I happened to have the TV on while organizing a closet. Since listening to the news is something I avoid because of the negativity it focuses on, I caught two words that stood out coming from the women on the show. The words? You guessed it, recession and depression. Wow, isn’t that a great way to make people feel better and to calm any fears you may have about the economy? No! Of course not! Yet these two women, very well known in the industry, one has her own show on the financial network and the other is a leader in the TV industry both had worried looks on their faces and their mouths turned down. They looked like two scared rabbits cornered by a fox.

The fox here is fear. Both of these powerful women caught the money fear fever and were doing their part in spreading this fear to the millions of people who watch TV on a daily basis.

Fear spreads like wildfire. Its a herd mentality.

I stopped seeing a friend because all she talked about every time I saw her was how she couldn’t make money because of the economy, as she sat in her apartment behind the computer all day.

You can talk yourself into anything. And you can make yourself believe anything if you think it and say it long enough.

There is a treasure out there. A gold mine of riches and enough money for all to have. Depression is in your mind. When one part of the econonomy is doing bad, there is another part that is flourishing. This is the law of the Universe. When there is an absence of one thing, there is an abundance of another.

The key is to think outside the box. Be creative. Stop obsessing about a job you may have been laid off from, why would you want to be involved with a company that isn’t doing well anyway? You are always energetically aligned with what or who you are with.

Why? Because fear is like a cold, one person catches it, the others do to. And if not taken care of can turn into something that really makes you sick.

How do you climb out of the muck of mass consciousness and become a leader who forges ahead and refuses to listen to the fear mongers out there?

Stop listening to anything negative. The second you hear something negative on TV or the radio, turn it off!
If the stock market is sliding down the fox hole, so what. The stock market isn’t the be all end all of your life is it? No, it isn’t. You’re just made to think it is. You have no control over the stock market anyway. Its been proven time and time again that the people controlling the stock market could care less about you or anyone except themselves. You do not count to the people who control the market. If you don’t believe me, go to a seminar taught by a “stock” market expert and see if he or she mentions helping others, even once. They could care less, they want to make a fast buck and they want to make it off you. They want to sell their CDs, they want to teach you how to “Short sell” which they know nobody should do unless they’ve been in the market for years and know how dangerous selling shorts and options is. You can lose everything and more if you make a mistake.
A lot of the government doesn’t really care. How many times has this been proven? Katrina, mass foreclosures, bank closings, no health reform, runaway pharmaceutical prices, oil staying around making a few people richer than Midas while destroying the planet and your children’s children hope of clean water, beautiful sea reefs dying by the second, animals and ocean life being destroyed for greed. Some people in the government do care, but they are too few. I mention one who cares later on in the article.
Anger like a tsunami is spreading across the world because people feel helpless. Listening to or reading about how bad the economy is, while getting laid off and losing homes takes people’s identity away. When you take away someone’s identity you begin to have a bubbling crisis on your hands. Go to an anger management class if you find yourself getting angry all the time over little things. They are usually free and many churches offer them.
Learn coping skills. Go to the library. Read books on how to become stronger emotionally. Read something positive every day. I read my bible every day. Even 10 minutes a day of positive reading can lighten your spirit tremendously.
Stop hanging around negative people. If you have a friend who constantly complains about not being able to find a job but is doing nothing about it, stop hanging around them until they get it together and get back on track.
If you’ve lost your job. Find another, no matter what it is. So many people get hung up with the idea they have to have a job equal to or better than the one they were laid off from. Get that thought out of your head. Work at a diner, go to the hardware stores, look in the yellow pages and do what you have to do. Work part-time. You can even offer to work for free. Yes, free. Why? Because it shows the person in charge you WANT to work and soon you will find yourself making money.
When you are out in the world, you make contacts. Making contacts and networking is vital to getting back into the job market. Go to church,volunteer at a local animal shelter, volunteer anywhere, just get out and meet people. Tell them, you are looking for a job, you want to work. Be kind in your manner, be positive no matter what. I recently watched Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor speak to a group of students on CSPAN, a student asked her how she made it educationally with no money. She smiled and sighed and she said,” I worked two jobs while in college and I worked hard at my studies…” She went on to say, it was hard but well worth it. Because to her, education is the key to success. And look at her now. I was very impressed with her after hearing her talk to the students; she was humble, willing to share how she got where she is now and helpful to all students regardless of race or gender. I could see quickly why she has been appointed a supreme court justice, because she works hard, she cares and she knows that each case is different and every human being deserves the rights of the constitution. The point is, you have to make sacrifices sometimes in your life, we all do. If you want something bad enough, you must be willing to work for it.
Be willing to do what your employer asks of you as long as its legal of course. If they want you to mop the floors, mop the floors, if they want you to clean the toilets, clean them. Show them you have a willing attitude to work.
If you want to start your own business, start it. Start small. Have a business plan in place, check with the city to make sure you have all the right permits and get going right now. You may have to work at another job part-time or full-time as your business grows but do what it takes to make your dream come true. It isn’t easy. It’s hard. But the rewards in the end are worth it. You find out more about yourself than you ever would.
Some ways to get you going in a positive way of making money.

Stop saying you’re broke or anything like that. Change your vocabulary. Take the word, broke out of your life, take the word jobless out of your life, take the word, recession out of your life.
Vow to make money everyday starting today. Even if its only a penny, do it. Put all money you’ve made in a jar and in a month see how much you’ve made. Keep doing this. The reason for this is because it gets your mind set into the idea that you can and are making money. The idea will grow and the money will begin to increase.
Pray every day. God doesn’t care if you have money in the bank, he loves you no matter what. God’s love is an endless supply of love and God’s love is a deep treasure. When you pray and when you love instead of worry, God will share those treasures with you. By ideas, opportunities, sudden payments, who knows. When you find yourself depressed because of your money situation, give this up to God. You are not helping your situation by worrying about it and complaining, in fact you make it worse when you complain and worry. Thoughts are like magnets and when you think thoughts of lack, guess what you get back? Lack.
Timing is up to God. Not you or me. As human beings we want something, we want it now. Everything is in God’s hands and his timing is always perfect. If this is time where you are in debt and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, the best thing is to go and help someone else who has it worse than you do. Call someone, tell them they are wonderful. Think of all the happy times in your life, tell a clerk or a server something nice about them, like their hair or they have a great smile. Do something for someone else to get your mind off yourself. If you are really down, go to a church, any church and just sit and be with God in a peaceful environment or go to the park and look at how beautiful the trees are. Remember to love yourself. Write a list of all the things you can do. no matter what they are.
Sell your stuff. Have a garage sale. Clean out your house and sell things. You don’t need any extra clutter anyway, it stifles the energy and reminds you of your current situation. Off to sell other people’s clutter for them and charge a fee for that service, like a consignment shop does. People would be happy to have someone do this for them.
Bake cupcakes, cookies, cakes, bread and sell them to your neighbors.
Make a lemonade stand and serve lemonade, idea tea, water. It’ll be fun and you can meet your neighbors in a fun way. Hand out your business cards.
Have business cards handy. Make up your own cards. Pray over them. Have your name and number on them so people know how to contact you. Hand them out everywhere you go and to whoever you meet.
Pet sit, walk dogs, clean houses, offer a driving service to busy moms. Pick up things for people who are too busy to pick them up. Do laundry for others. Make flyers for what you choose and hand out flyers or leave them on people’s door steps.
This may sound strange but I knew a teenage boy who had a business where he offered a service as a “pooper scooper”. He went to people’s yards, used a scooper he’d bought at a hardware store and picked up animal matter so the homeowner had a clean yard. When he was done he sold the animal waste to a fertilizer company. He ended up making a lot of money and even added employees!
Off to pick up unwanted furniture. Sell the furniture yourself. Easy as pie.
Write down something positive about your financial life every day. Commit to following through with the penny or more a day plan and soon you will be back in the swing of things.
Last but not least. Stop loaning money to people. If someone asks, tell them you are in a financial situation yourself and can’t loan out any money right now. If they don’t understand or get angry, they haven’t got your best interest at heart do they?
Let me know your positive financial stories, I’ll be happy to hear them, who knows your story may end up in one of my books some day!

Remember, there are all kinds of treasures around you! Look for them, they’re all over. Smile! Even if you don’t feel like it, keep smiling!

This article was originally published on Mystic Living Today