28 Ways to be Rich and Happy

Since we live in a society that favors living in abundance over our happiness I’ll start with wealth first.

We’re one of the wealthiest nations on Earth and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s ok to want things, it’s fine to work hard to get things it’s even ok to win things. I’ve seen so many people especially in this economy in a down state of mind. People seem to have given up, a type of lethargy has seeped into the general consciousness. But I have heard people say, “If I hear one more person tell me to think positive or to practice the law of attraction I’m going to scream.” I’ve asked several of these people why, what’s the deal with not liking to be positive or the Law of Attraction?

The answer is almost always the same, “They don’t work. I’m struggling to get by and I may lose my house and my car.” That’s not what being positive or the Law of Attraction is about, The Law of Attraction is much more than just sitting and dreaming up billions of dollars or diamond rings and you’ll be happy. Thinking Positive isn’t going to take away cancer or the repo man, be nice to him, he might be cute and you could ask him out, or ask him for a job at the company. Think outside the box, push the envelope.

The key is to think positive in spite of things happening to you, good or not so good. Weren’t Ghandi, a man who gave up his job as a wealthy lawyer and Mother Theresa who gave up a wealthy inheritance.SOme of the best examples of The Law of Attraction and positive thinking even though they lived from the kindness of strangers and sometimes didn’t have anything to eat? They kept a positive attitude to their followers in order to be excellent teachers. Even though Mother Theresa admits in her book, that there were times when she questioned her faith, she still continued to help the poor in India.

We lose our house, well, we lose our house and you know what? We start over again. We go to a homeless shelter if we have to, we do what we have to do. But we stay positive. Nobody wants to be around a Debbie Downer, would a happy person get the job or an unhappy one?

16 quick ways to get rich.

You want furniture cheap?, go to an auction. I once saw a king size brand new bed go for $100.00, I’ve seen brand new refrigerators go for $50.00. Whatever you need, you can find at an auction.
Shop at Thrift stores. I’ve seen more designer clothes at thrift stores for under $4.00 that it’s shocking.
Stop using credit. Guess who gets rich off that, not you, the credit company.
Don’t ever buy retail. Or if you want to, ask to see the manager and ask nicely if they can do better.
You want something fancy for a job interview, go to a consignment store for an outfit barely used.
Downsize. No fancy stores, they mark up the prices like crazy. Learn to sew and make your own clothes.
Have a garage sale but call it “An Estate Sale”. People pay more for estate sales than they do garage sales.
Put aside money every week. Put it in a savings account so you won’t be tempted. You’ll be surprised at the end of a year.
Don’t go out to eat, cook your own food. Or, use coupons.
Grocery stores, always use coupons.
Find a skill you can consistently make money at. Baby sitting, Elder sitting, Driving, making jewelry and sell it at the flea market, anything, you can do something.
If you’re holding out for that CEO position, go to work anywhere. Be a server, a grocery clerk, a house cleaner. Stop sitting around.
Network like crazy. Get free business cards and pass them out everywhere.
The Law of Attraction when you work it. You dream your dream bring it into your consciousness while you’re working as a receptionist, soon you’ll be asked to be the manager.
Update your skills. Go to a Vo-Tech at night, learn better computer skills, medical skills, selling skills, writing, anything. Learn and keep learning. Look at the people who come to the country with nothing and end up millionaires. You can do and you will.
Start an online shop, I did with things I found around the house, then things I made with my own hands. I made money and friends!
12 Ways to be happy

Re meet your family. Who are they, what do they want in life? Play family games, go on picnics with them. Meet them again.
Believe it or not, this works, give to others. If you have something extra give it to someone who needs it. Give your time to someone who’s hurting, be kind to each other. Go to a hospital once a week for an hour and volunteer. GO to a senior citizens home and meet them. Think of how you’d feel if at 80 nobody would visit you.
Walk. You’ll feel better in the fresh air.
Smile more.
If you need help, ask. Pride isn’t pretty.
If you have wronged someone, go and talk to them, you may be surprised at the positive response you get. Most arguments are miscommunication and maybe one of the people involved had a horrible day or gotten bad news that day. Say hi, or pray quietly for them and think of them in a positive light that works too.
Someone you know is having problems? Invite them for dinner, plant flowers in their flower bed, bake cookies for them.
Please, stop being a martyr. Remember Martha in the bible? She was busy in the kitchen doing chores while Jesus was in the other room speaking, she missed what he was saying.
Make a new friend.
Join a club like a sewing club or beading club at the local craft shops.
Help out at the local pet shelter. The animals will be thrilled to see you.
Study your faith again. If you’re a Christian, read the bible go to church,if you’re Jewish, go to Temple, read the Torah, join a study group and go to the JCC for fun and activities. Any religion, go back to your faith and embrace it. I went to see the Dalai Lama twice, both times tickets were given to me and free food. I had a beautiful time and got to meet an amazing movie star. You see what happens when you get out of your comfort zone? All kinds of awesome things.
What are you missing by focusing on what you lack rather than what you have in your heart?

You are rich, you are happy. Look around you, you are loved.

This article was originally published on Mystic Living Today