5 Steps to Spiritual Dating

Believe it or not, your soul mate is here. You can make it happen. All it takes is a little energetic housecleaning and a dose of charisma.

You have the tools to be the most charismatic person in the room. You don't have to be the most talkative or the best looking person around. Because when your energetic attraction field is turned on, you'll stand out to other spiritually attuned people looking for someone like you.

Energy flows to people who are plugged in to its vibrations. People who know how to work with their energy attract the right people to date and ultimately find their life partner. To tap into the wave of attraction energy, I've listed seven easy steps to guide you successfully along the path of spiritual dating.

1. What Type of Person do You Want?

Brainstorm a bit without overanalyzing on the kind of people you want to date. Keep it simple. a list too long can be confusing to your subconscious mind and inadvertently block the spontaneity of your inner wisdom. Come up with about four or five qualities you want in dating partners. Since spirituality is important to you then it is a must on your list of future partners. There are all kinds of attributes you can choose from when creating your list such as; honesty, loyalty, fun, sense of humor, whatever you want. Write the qualities down and focus on the future dating partners and the qualities you are looking for. Do it Today!

2. You Attract Who You Are.

If you want someone who is successful, takes care of their body and makes you a priority, ask yourself if you do the same? You don't have to be as successful as the other person but most successful people are looking for dates who share similar standards as they do. What do you bring to the table? In other words, nobody is going to rescue you. If you're continuously unemployed, addicted to cigarettes, alcohol or drugs,you'll attract someone who is also living in the low vibrational realm of addiction and negative or fantastical thinking. Be positive in your interaction, stop gossiping about others and become someone interesting.

3. Have a Consistent Spiritual Practice.

It doesn't matter what religion or belief system you have, just do it. When you focus on a higher power and you pray and meditate every day, you will see a beautiful change in how people respond to you. Prayer or meditation at least thirty minutes a day daily will strengthen your spirit. A spiritual practice calms the temper, helps one break addictions, and makes you shine from the inside out. You will be irresistible. Your soul will glow with warmth and attract into your energy field people with similar vibrations.

4. Appearance and what Colors to Wear.

Keep your body clean, wear freshly washed clothes, keep your hair nice and get your teeth cleaned. For accessories, the only thing I would advise is not to wear jewelry given to you from an ex or an ex's family members. Also be careful about jewelry given to you by people you aren't sure of. If you have a funny feeling about someone or about a piece of jewelry, listen to your intuition and don't wear it. People say jewelry can be cleansed and I've done cleansing's on jewelry before but if you're out in the dating scene, its best to keep yourself clean physically and energetically. That means, no borrowed clothes or shoes someone else has worn, or jewelry. Energy can stick to anything someone has worn. As far as colors go, for a woman go with light colors, pink and red are good for attracting love. Orange is good for attracting high energy people and wealth, forest green is good for attracting positivity, a nature lover, and someone with a steady income. Stay away from black. Black absorbs negative energies and it tends to scare people off. If you like black and you want to date someone who likes to wear black then by all means wear it. Brown is best to wear once you're in a committed relationship because it goes with stability, monogamy and the earth. Brown isn't a popular "dating" color, neither is gray. Purple is a regal color, it is also a hypnotic color, in the dating and attraction scene if you want to wear purple, wear a bright purple not a dark one or you'll can make people feel inferior. A light blue is a nice calming color but in dating I'd go with the pinks, the reds, oranges and brights. Make yourself stand out in a good way.

5. Go to Spiritual Places and Events.

Stop hanging out at your usual spots. If you go to a certain church, temple or synagouge, and you haven't met anyone to date, try a different one!