9 Ways To Get A Great Psychic Reading

I've been giving psychic readings for over 20 years and can help you get the most for your money from a reading.

Here are nine tips.

Choose someone who has experience. If you want a good reading, I like to recommend going to someone who knows what they're doing. If the psychic is online, check out their experience level. How long have they been giving readings? Do they have any kind of special training? Are they associated with an ethical community?
What type of reading do you want? A lot of psychics use tarot cards, some use a crystal ball, or astrology. There are many intutives who can just start reading your energy without using a divination tool. Do you want to talk with a psychic? or do you want to connect with a loved one who has passed over? In that case you would want to use the services of someone who is a psychic medium, or a medium.
Do you want some kind of work done for you? Do you want a love spell? Or do you want to change your luck? Help with getting a job? There are any number of things you can ask for and that requires you choose someone who does readings and can also do spell, conjure or rootwork. If you are looking for magical work to be done, be sure the person has been trained in this area. It's vitally important for a spell caster or rootworker to have had training by a reputable teacher because it is intricate work. The more complicated the job the more important it is for you to consult with a trained spiritual worker. Be sure you know how much the work will cost, because charges vary. Know upfront the charge before you order. Also, you must get a reading before having spell casting or any kind of conjure is done to find out the root of the problem.
Have questions prepared. Having questions ready for the reading helps the reader stay focused on the issue on hand. If you're having issues with your husband, wife or someone at work, focus on that issue. If you ask too many questions about too many different topics it can scatter the energy and you will get a good reading but you'll get a better one if you stay on topic. Think of at least 10 questions to ask. The reader may not get to all the questions but it will allow the reader to focus all of their energy on the issue that is the most troublesome in your life.
When you have asked the reader your questions and they've been answered, you can also ask, "What is the best solution for this problem?" or "Which direction should I take?" If you're asking about a love issue, and the reader has given you an answer you didn't want to hear. You can also ask, "What is the best way for me to heal from this?" A good reader should not only give you psychic advice but also practical advice. I like to give people options and a plan for healing their heart. You also want to know how best to move out of a stuck situation and most readers can help you with this. But a lot of psychic readers are not licensed therapists and can't give you medical advice. If you are depressed and the reader picks up on this, you should also consider seeing a licensed counselor too. It's always good to have a team on your side.
Let the reader do most of the talking, if you keep talking during the reading it interrupts the flow of the energy that the reader is tapping into. Let the reader finish what they are saying, then move on to the next question. Listen to the reader so you can get the most of the reading.
Acknowledge what the reader is saying with a yes or, if you don't understand, ask them to explain further.
Don't manipulate the reader into giving you more time or try to call them under a false pretense so you can get a free reading. This is stealing, and what you do will come back to you. Some readers do pro bono work for people who are in need. But if you go from reader to reader without paying that's not good for your spirit. This is a living for people who need to put food on the table and pay rent. It is disrespectful to expect someone to give you free readings. There are readers who will do trade and barter for readings, you can always ask.
If you like the reader's work, let them know, they are working hard for you and they are on your side. Cultivate a good reader/client professional relationship. Like any relationship, be respectful, kind and open.
May love and abundance shower your life!