Heal With Intuitive Writing By Susan Barnes

We are equipped with healing abilities each and every one of us. Some people have tapped into their healing abilities unconsciously; others do it with conscious awareness.

There are people who are well known for being healers such as, Olga Worrall, Kathryn Kulman, Jack Schwartz, John of God and Louise Hay to name a few.

There are also healers that are not well known but heal the sick on a regular basis. I’ve been healed by a healer who prefers to be unknown. This healer is also a Shaman from Mexico who can heal people and animals by simply walking past them. As a child I had allergies so severe that I spent a great deal of time in the hospital. My mother took me to Mexico to live for the climate, it was there we met the healer.

When we went to see him, I remember the first thing I noticed was the feeling when that warm oil had been poured over the top of my head. When I touched my head, I felt only my hair which was completely relaxed as the healer walked past me.

The next sensation was that of a wave of warmth traveling both outside and inside my body. In a few minutes the feeling of total relaxation passed and I went back to my normal state. Later that night, I noticed that for the first time in many years I could breathe through my nose freely and have experienced no more asthma attacks. I also stopped taking all allergy medication and haven’t been on any since.

Going back over this experience I began to ask questions, how could this be recreated? And I experimented with writing as a way to recreate this sensation and to get in touch with the healer that is deep within all of us. And I used writing as a form of self healing.

What needs to be healed?
What are some areas of your life that you want to be brought back into wholeness? Your body? Your mind? Your emotions? Your spirit?

Download the journal exercise – .pdf format
Download the journal exercise – Word .doc format

Please do this exercise as many times as you like.

… Surround yourself with Light and Love.

Susan Barnes is a success coach, author of 8 books, and an international speaker about success and charisma. Susan has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows including, The Rachael Ray show. Susan has been featured on Playboy Sirius radio as a guest relationship advice expert.

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