How a man named Jack Schwarz Taught Me Automatic Writing and How You Can Do It Too!

Imagine having a connection with someone who passed over and you loved very much. Imagine being able to connect with that person or persons again? You can communicate with people who have passed on in many ways. For me, one of the best ways has been through automatic writing or spirit writing as I call it.

Automatic writing is direct communication to the spirit world by actually writing down messages you receive from them when in a trance like state. This is a way to receive messages from the departed or from your spirit guides and angels as well.

Growing up with a mother who was a medium was perfectly normal to me. As a child I can remember sitting through seminars on psychic development, Intuitive Healing, and attending a lot of séances. Being a kid at the time I sometimes found myself bored to tears as my mother called up the spirits for people or listening to one of her friends channel a 19th Century Scotsman as I watched the clock tic away or peer out the window, imagining fairy circles in the trees so close by.

During one workshop a man named Jack Schwarz, the presenter, came up to me and asked me what I liked to do. At the time I was a young teen and pretty good at pretending to be invisible until this unique individual came up to me; a kid who didn't want to be there in the first place, and was genuinely interested in what I liked to do. "I like to read" I answered. I remember his warm smile, he pointed at me and said, "I'll be right back young lady."

After a few minutes Mr. Schwarz returned with a tablet and a pen. "If you like to read you must like to write." He said.

Hesitant, I nodded and answered I didn't know what to write about. Then he said something interesting he said, " Stay very still, very quiet, focus on something in the room until it gets fuzzy around the edges then write whatever comes to your mind." He then went up to the podium and began the workshop.

I sat and listened to him until I became almost sleepy, I noticed a wooden carving of a deer in the corner of the room and stared at it until it did indeed become "fuzzy" around the edges. I started to write, then I wrote very fast, it was like someone was using my hand to write and I couldn't write fast enough. As quickly as it started, it ended. The workshop had also ended and people were milling around. My mother walked up to me with one of her friends and told me she noticed me writing furiously. "What were you writing about?" She asked. I didn't remember, I'd have to read it. Her friend said, "She's doing automatic writing."

What's that I wanted to ask. But my mother's friend continued, "Automatic writing is when you connect to the spirit world and a spirit sends you a message through your writing."

That was stupid I remember thinking. My mother asked to see the tablet and a funny look fell across her face. "This isn't even your handwriting." she said. When I looked at it, I realized she was right, it wasn't my handwriting. I read the words and it said something to the effect of "Tell my darling wife I love her and miss her she has white hair I love her I love her. The handwriting was like a scrawling, jerky, pointed up and down type of handwriting. Totally unlike my handwriting of which I was very proud of. My grandmother taught me how to have proper handwriting and I did.

My mother, her friend and I looked around for a lady with white hair, then my Mother's friend pointed to a woman speaking to Jack Schwarz "That lady was sitting right in front of you." she said to me. And I knew she was right, I remembered a woman with snow white hair sitting directly in front of me. My mother said, "Let's so show it to her." To me, this was a very bad idea, first of all, I was extremely shy, secondly I wanted to go to the buffet to see if there was any chocolate cake and lastly, I was skeptical of this whole automatic writing thing.

My Mother, a Leo was a person who didn't know the word shy and couldn't understand why she had a daughter who wouldn't talk to people, dragged me over to the woman and promptly asked her if she'd recently lost someone she loved. The woman said she'd lost her husband several months ago. My Mother gave the woman the table with my writing. As she read it, tears streamed down her face and she looked at me and hugged me so hard I thought I'd suffocate. The woman with the beautiful white hair told us that was her husband's handwriting and his pet name for her was, "Darling".

Jack Schwarz, 1924-200 was a naturopath, healer, hypnotist, a man who taught himself and others about the human energy systems. During Jack Schwarz's life he was a captured in 1943 and tortured. Jack was captured again and sent to a German prison camp where he and another captive escaped. He learned to control his mind until he could feel no pain. Jack Schwarz founded the Aletheia Psycho-Physical Foundation and became a renowned teacher of mind control, pain control, hypnosis and a medical intuitive. I learned how to go into a trance and receive messages from the other side during that seminar and I wonder if he even knew he inadvertently taught a young girl how to communicate with the spirit world just by handing her some paper, a pen and a suggestion to write. Along with automatic writing for my psychic clients I'm also the author of several books.

Its been many years since that day and I've been doing automatic writing connecting people with loved ones or to their spirit guides and to divine beings for years now. My Mother has passed over and Jack Schwarz has passed, I'm sure my loving mom is still the belle of the ball as she was here, a warm, beautiful healer and medium who sometimes comes through when she's not too busy to tell me she loves me or if I need to have my car checked. And I'm sure Mr. Swartz is somewhere teaching and healing from where he is to some of us here. A man who survived a horror and turned that suffering inside out to reach into people's souls, changing their lives for the better.

5 Steps to Automatic Writing

Have a pen and notebook, go to the quiet place in your mind.
Focus on something in the room until it becomes fuzzy around the edges and you feel a little sleepy.
If there's someone you want to contact, think about them, their qualities, the love you shared.
Ask them what they want to tell you. Tell them what you want to say to them.
Start writing, sometimes, you'll only get words, sometimes sentences.
When I have finished a session, I always pray for protection, I thank God for his help and I thank my spirit guide for her protection and for her help in opening the veil to the other side. It is very important to close the veil with prayers. It is also important to take a bath or shower to cleanse yourself. Keep your mind and your body clean. And as always I say to never do this or any other psychic practice while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Meditate or pray every day, it makes life easier.

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