How To Address The Ascended Masters To Release Old Karma and Forgiveness By Susan Barnes

Before we come into this incarnation we create a contract for what we want to experience and for the Karma we want to work on from previous existences.

We create contracts with other spirits who will enter our life and teach us lessons as we also teach them lessons. Often they just volunteer to give us the experience we need to have in order to evolve.

While in spirit form, we are unrestricted by human physically and thinking. We are bursting with exuberance and a sense of oneness with all beings. Because we are not bound by human restrictions, we sometimes bite off more than we can chew when incarnating in human form. We sign up for more karma than we can handle which results in a life of depression, addictions, unfulfilled love relationships and sometimes suicide.

If you come to a point where you feel in your spirit you have learned the lessons you needed to learn in this incarnation and are done, you may address the Ascended Masters of the Karmic Council for a change in your contract.

The Ascended Masters of the Karmic Council are made up of Shaman, Mother Mary, Buddha, Mohammad, Angel beings, The Dalai Lama ( He exists on several plane simultaneously), Mother Theresa, and other highly evolved spirit guides. I’ve often been asked about Jesus being on this council, and he is not, he is so highly evolved he resides next to God in Heaven. Although in prayer you can ask for help from Jesus, the angels and our Heavenly Father God.

When asking for help, always be grateful and express your gratitude.

You have advocates who accompany you during this meeting. Go into meditation and ask them to come to you. Mine are the Archangel Michael and the Goddess Cyclopia.

Visualize the council sitting around a large table with a great golden light surrounding them. See yourself walking up the stairs to meet them. See them smile at you warmly and feel the love pouring out of them. Feel their wisdom fill you with the remembrance of being connected to God and to all beings. Hear them greet you softly as they are greeting an old friend. Greet them back with joy and love.

When you are ready say the following:

I am addressing the Karmic council with love. My advocates Michael and Cyclopia are here by my side.

I want to relinquish my contract I asked to follow in this incarnation and to let it go. I am done with the old contract and have learned the lessons I needed and asked to learn.

I want fresh new Karma to evolve into a different vibration in order to reach my heart’s desire to begin the start of ascension. I am ready to leave the vibration of the lower energies of chaos, despair and attract the beings who are vibrating at the lower energies.

I want to be more sensitive to pain and to know when to simply walk away from painful people and situations.

I want to be able to discern the crap and to leave it be so love can flow into my life.

I want to be released of my old Karma with ( Name who you want out of your life ).

I want a happy, joyful, love-filled, abundant life-flowing with great love, enlightened friends, and abundance. I want to teach others to love and I want to love myself fully in this life.

I want all of my addictions to be released. Addictions to people, ego, being right, anger, unforgiveness, substances that hurt my body, expecting others to take care of me, rationalization, judgmental thoughts and thinking God has forgotten me.

I want my brain transformed. To think in new patterns, patterns of seeking love, happiness and joy. To know I am surrounded by light, by beings who are with me always and that I am fine by being me.

Teach me to forgive others and to forgive myself.

Teach me how to pray every day and to meditate upon God and love.

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Susan Barnes is a success coach, author of 8+ books, and an international speaker about success and charisma. Susan has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows including, The Rachael Ray show. Susan has been featured on Playboy Sirius radio as a guest relationship advice expert.

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