Mermaid Poem and Mermaid DIY Amulet

There is a lot of power in amulets. I have created one for the Mermaid Goddess in all women.

What you will need:

Small blue bag. This bag can be satin, velvet or one you have made yourself.
A Charm to be sewn on the outside of the bag. This charm can be a mermaid, a shell, or anything that means something to you.
A pinch of Rosemary herbs to go inside the bag. Rosemary helps bring out feminine power.
A Queen Elizabeth Root. This is for protection, love, money.
A rose quartz stone for love.
Some cinnamon chips for attraction and to heat up love.
A pinch of sugar for sweetening people to you.
A pinch of catnip to be irresistible,
Some Cowrie shells which are associated with a powerful woman and wealth.
Once all the items are in the bag you can smoke the bag with a love incense. Let the incense smoke pour all around the bag as you recite the poem.

Repeat the following as you are smoking the bag.

Say the Poem three times.

Mermaid Power!

by Susan Barnes

Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power
I am the siren of the sea
Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power
I am protected by the wind
Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power
I am the pulse of the ocean
Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power
I am a shimmering Goddess
Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power
I am charismatic
My name is, The Mermaid Queen
No one can resist my call.
Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power
I am Goddess of the Ocean.
Mermaid Power, Mermaid Power.
I am Mermaid Power!

Tie the bag, or sew it shut.

Keep it in your purse or hidden on your body.

When you feel adrift, call on the Power of the Mermaid. Squeeze your Mermaid bag. Remember your inner strength. Feel the force of the sea run through your veins.

Never forget, you are the Mermaid Queen!